Top Seven Linux Terminal Apps in 2020

I spent the last month or two playing (instead of working) in the Linux command line. As it turns out, the terminal is awesome for more than just system management. These Linux terminal apps make most modern Android apps blush in embarrassment:

7. Lynx (Web Browser) – Experience the web from the command line. Lynx is a great tool for bowsing the web without all the ads and bloat.

6. Mplayer (media player) – An absolute necessity if you’re going to use some of the other apps in this list. Mplayer is the VLC of the command line.

5. Nano (text editor) Okay, I’ll say it… I hate VIM. Yes, I’m aware that if I used it more I’d probably like it more, but with modern GUI editors being so good… It’s nice to have a terminal editor that feels a little more like home.

4. Newsbeuter/Podbeuter (podcast mgmt.) – Newsbeuter manages your podcast/rss feeds, and Podbeuter downloads them. I’ve used to get the URLs of my favorite podcasts.

3. Torrentflix (Netflix on steroids) – Personally, I’ve made the switch to not pirating content. So even though you can STREAM a bunch of paid content for free with this app… I only use it to stream free items, or stuff I’ve already bought. (Like Vodcasts)

2. Pianobar (Pandora Radio Client) – This app destroys any other Pandora client. It’s lightweight, with quick controls, and streams ad free Pandora.

1. MPS-Youtube (All of Youtube) – A fantastic app to stream your favorite song, or download any youtube video for viewing. If you’re on an Debian based distro, you’ll need to do a little extra legwork to get this running, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Love Linux Terminal Apps? Check out one of the best linux desktops around, I3WM, to absolutely crush  your workflow (in a good way).

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