Building Native Linux Apps from Webpages with Nativefier

For a long time now, when I’ve wanted to open a page as something closer to a native app, I’ve been using Google Chromes/Chromiums –app command line switch. Like this:

Chromium --app=

This works pretty well, but I’ve always just done it from the command line, which left me a little annoyed that I couldn’t launch it in the same way as my other apps. Enter “nativefier”, an app using ‘electron’ to build Webapps on your native OS (works for MacOS, WIndows, or Linux).

To create your native app is super simple, install “nativefier”  open a terminal, and type:

 nativefier --name codeanywhere

Where the URL is the page you want to make an app from, and the name is the name of the app without spaces.

Optional: For me, an avid I3wm user, I also went ahead and created a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin so that I can launch my new app from Dmenu.

 sudo ln -s /home/don/tmobiledigits-linux-x64/tmobiledigits /usr/local/bin/tmobiledigits

That’s it, you should now be rocking a webpage as a native application!

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