Android Apps Supported on Windows?

So today I read some interesting (founded) speculation, that Microsoft may be considering ways to bring Android Apps to Windows.  It’s not entirely clear in what capacity that would mean, but it’d hopefully mean something better than what Bluestacks has to offer. My money would be on Intel helping nudge Microsoft this way.

Now before you discount the news and say… “Yeah, because that worked so well for RIM.” Hear me out. Windows 8.1 is actually a pretty well done OS, especially for tablets. I’d argue it’s more elegant than IOS, and more versatile than Android. The biggest appeal to me in regards to Windows devices is that they’re the one, do everything device. That being said, I feel that is slipping away from Microsoft. Take me for example. I recently decided to make the switch from a Windows Tablet to a Samsung Galaxy device. My only reason for making this switch, is the lack of apps available in the Windows Store. Microsoft 100% keeps me on the Win 8 Tab if I can run any Android App on it. I mean, I’ve got to have Words with Friends on any touch device! Anyway, I’m all for it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

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