Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Reviewed

I’ve went back to Android, and I went big. My newest phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I’ve came to the realization that, all of the best phones I’ve ever had, well, they are all Samsungs. This is no different.

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I bought the Note 3, as a phone, and potentially, as a tablet replacement. With a 5.7″ 1080p screen, it’s capable of doing just that. The screen on this phone is amazing. It’s using the AMOLED technology, so viewing angles are good, and more importantly, its easy to view outside.


The other hardware on the phone really leaves nothing to be desired as well. It has a Quad-Core¬†Snapdragon 800 processor, 3 gb of RAM, 16 Gigs of drive space, and a slot to add an SD card. The phablet is fast enough to handle anything you throw at it, and then some. It’s a really impressive piece of hardware.

From an ergonomic standpoint, I have slight larger hands than your average humanoid, but I really like the feel of the phone. It does not feel like a wet bar of soap when holding the phone (naked), and feels well made. It won’t really allow for one handed operation however, due to the size of the screen. This isn’t really a drawback for me, but could see how some may get annoyed with that fast.

Now, as for the Samsung/Android software. First, the Note 3 ships with Android 4.3, it is getting updated to 4.4, just don’t expect to have that day one. The Additional Samsung software, while sometimes useful, can feel a bit excessive. I didn’t particularly like the stock Launcher, so I immediately downloaded the Nova Launcher (which is awesome) and allows for you to view the home screen in landscape mode.

Finally, the extras, the extra bang here is really the S pen. I find that I don’t really use it much, other than to doodle here and there, while it works great, it’s a cool, if somewhat unnecessary feature of the phone.

Overall, I’d give the Note 3 a 95/100 and highly recommend it to anyone who think they might be a fan of the larger form factor, that being said, I will probably hang on to an Android Tablet, as I use it frequently as a second screen to get real work done when I travel, and I think the Note 3 would be a bit too small for that purpose.

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  1. In the related news post, I have actually ditched an android tablet altogether. I’m quite happy with this phone still, and plan on using it for a long time. If you root it, Synergy works pretty good with it. I’ve found it suitable as a second screen while in portrait mode and docked.

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