CIC 4 (SU 4) and Office 365 (EWS)

It’s a bit of a lesser known software but CIC, aka I3, aka Interaction Center is the call center software we use for our customer support team. That’s right, we have a customer support team in the USA… They still do exist! Who knew? I digress. I went through some hoops today after following  ININ’s directions to get their mail connection working with Exchange Web Services. This would allow Interaction Center to talk to our mailboxes in the cloud (beyond just normal SMTP traffic.)

Anyway, go ahead and follow ININ’s directions, but note if your service account (or the CIC Admin account) isn’t working with EWS, that you must use a mailbox that is hosted in Office 365. I’m not sure why, as your attempting to talk to the on prem EWS, but as soon as I moved my service account to Office 365 (and enabled Application Impersonation) things started working properly.

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