BFGMiner Rejecting All Blocks – Scrypt Mining

Since changing to Linux, I hadn’t really bothered setting up my card for mining again, but finally with my wife and kid out of town, I had a few minutes to play with this. I started down the route of installing CGMiner, however after finding out that CGMiner no longer supports GPU Mining, I decided to try BFGMiner. I tried for a bit too long to get some settings right, as BFGMiner was rejecting all blocks while I was trying to mine DOGECoin (using‘s multipool). After some frustration, and exploring BFGMiners help file, I finally realized that I needed to pass the scrypt option. Duh. So to resolve this, start BFGMiner from the terminal like this:

bfgminer --scrypt -o -u username name -p password -I 13

I really recommend BFGMiner over an older version of CGminer for GPU Mining in linux. It was much less of a pain for me to get running.

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