Office 2013 (SP 1) – Installing Lync with SCCM

So I recently ran into a very frusterating problem with the Microsoft Office 2013 sp1 installer. As you may know, the Lync Client is included with Office 2013, and when manually installing from the Office 2013 (with sp1) ISO things work as expected i.e. – Lync get’s installed. However, when I was trying to do a silent install with SCCM (by using the Office Customization tool) Lync would not get installed. I spent far too many hours trying to fix this, then I tried with the old Office 2013 (without sp1) ISO and things worked as expected when installing manually, AND when customizing a silent install. I’ve concluded that this is either a bug, or a very poorly documented feature in the sp1 installer. So, if you find yourself wasting way too much time on this, go back to the volume licensing site and download the Office 2013 (without sp1) ISO and deploy with that. BTW, if you want help customizing and deploying Office, or Uninstalling Lync there are already some good links for that. I’ve included them below.

Uninstalling Lync 2010

Office 2013 Customization Tool, and SCCM deployment Guide


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