Synergy – Mouse and Keyboard Sharing – Review

It occurred to me today, that I’ve never given props on this site to one of my favorite software programs out there. Synergy, and open source piece of software, that allows you to share one mouse and keyboard accross many computers (provided those computers also have screens). Here’s a brief overview according to the software makers themselves:

This is a really cool piece of software, which definitely allowed me to do away with my hardware KVM at home, and allowed me to unmess some of my stuff. I’ve used the software on a Mac, Window, and Linux machine with great success (although I’ve only used the Windows box as the server). In more recent verstions, they’ve allowed for the program to copy and paste from machine to machine, and enabled a file drag and drop that works accross machines. This software is really great, and useful for so many applications.

The only real drawbacks I can think of for this software is:

  • It can be a little buggy at times, I suspect this will be much better now that it’s a paid software.
  • It’s hard to call this a drawback, because it’s not really advertised by the makers, but I really, really, really want this software to work on my Android devices. For now, I’m using alternatives that just plainly aren’t as good.


It’s worth noting, that Synergy did recently decide to charge (a small fee)  for their software ($4.99 as of this writing). As a guy who donated to their cause on multiple occasions, I’m happy they’ve went down this route, as it will allow them to really take the software to the next level. If you’re considering purchasing this software, or even if you’re not…. you should do it. It’s awesome, and get’s 93/100 magic rings.

You can get Synergy from the Synergy website here:

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