RT-AC52U – Cannot access Router Admin Page

I recently upgraded to an wireless AC router, and  have been running on the latest version of firmware for the Asus RT-AC52U for a few weeks. I’ve been pretty happy with it, the ease of setting up an OpenVPN server to my house was awesome, as this had taken me a while to setup with DD-WRT and/or PFsense before.  A drawback is it only has 10/100 nic ports…WHY? Anyway, recently while changing a few settings on the admin page I ran into this error:

Settings have been updated. Web page will now refresh.
Changes have been made to the IP address or port number. You will now be disconnected from RT-AC52U.
To access the settings of RT-AC52U, reconnect to the wireless network and use the updated IP address and port number.

This error doesn’t really affect the functionality of the router, but it is rather obnoxious as you can’t access the routers admin page to make the changes you’ll want to make as the geek you are.

From what I can tell it’s a problem with the latest version of the firmware… So our options are to roll back to an older version of the firmware, or reboot our router to get the admin page back knowing that the error will probably reoccur until we get another firmware update from Asus.

If you really want to know what is happening here, it looks like the routers web server is crashing.

if you navigate to:

You can see that the fallback page is offline.htm and it’s the only page available.



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