Windows 8.1 – Numlock not Working – Logitech

I’ve experienced this more than a few times in Windows 8.1, I’m not sure why, but I guess the default settings have been changed by Microsoft. Anyway, the symptom here is that when you press the “numlock” key on your keyboard, you still can’t use the number keys as numbers. Quite annoying. Here’s what is likely happening, if you press and hold one of the 2, 4 ,6, or 8 numbers, you’ll probably see the mouse moving across the screen. Neat huh? Well, I use the numpad somewhat frequently, so as neat as this is, its more annoying to me.

Turning this off is as easy as you might hope. Press the windows key on your keyboard, type in “ease of access” and select “ease of access mouse settings” Turn off the feature that is “Use numeric keypad to move the mouse around the screen.” ¬†Aaaaand, boom, your frakkin’ keyboard is finally back on track for some numba punchin’!



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