iDisplay (Android) – Screen Sharing Software Reviewed

If you’re like me, you use multiple monitors at your desk, and really, really, really hate working from your laptop when traveling as having one monitor is quite frequently a total pain in the booty. Well, if you’re not doing it already, you should travel with a tablet in addition to your laptop. That’s because there are several pieces of software that let you use your tablet as a second monitor when in a pinch for some more screen real estate.

Now, my favorite piece of screen sharing software is Synergy, which I have reviewed before. But, this software really only works well if you are using a full fledged PC (or a windows 8+ tablet). Most of us however, like a tablet that has a decent app store. The best screen sharing software I have found or used for the Android or IOS platforms is iDisplay.

At it’s root iDisplay functions differently from that of Synergy, as it is not trying to share the keyboard and mouse of the Native OS, but instead turns your tablet (or phone) into a legitimate second monitor for windows, functioning just like you plugged in a VGA or HDMI cable from your laptop to an external monitor. It does this over a USB or Wifi connection, and does not require root access,  which makes this software very accessible to the masses. The downside to taking the second monitor approach as opposed to the the approach Synergy takes is that scaling isn’t great with windows yet, so often the text is a bit tough to read, especially if you are using an 8″ tablet or less.

A year or two ago, when I first gave iDisplay a try I had quite a few problems with it being buggy, the devs of this software seem to have gotten a handle on this, and while there are still a few bugs here and there, I find the software quite usable, and super convenient. At minimum i can say, that the devs still seem to be working on the software, which is more than I can say for some of the software in this market (Im looking at you sharekm beta)

Overall I’d give this a program a 81/100, with marks off due to bugs, and poor scaling (which is technically a windows problem). Bugs aside, I definitely think this is a must have for devs/IT folk that work with two monitors, but are limited when they travel.


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