Razer Nabu X – Review

Razr Nabu XI recently dropped 49.99 on a Razer Nabu X, as its the cheapest device I’ve seen that would notify my of missed calls/ texts or other android notifications, also I thought it might be nice to use as a fitness tracker, rather than make sure I’ve got my gigantic phone on my person when walking, running, etc. Anyway, I’ve since it’s release (about a month ago) and have grown to love it, while still wanting more out of the device.

The Love:

  1. Having a device that doesn’t look like a clown car on my wrist that can supply me with some quick info is nice.
  2. As a guy who keeps his phone on vibrate all of the time, and never notices it actually vibrate, I find it invaluable to actually know when my phone is ringing.
  3. Using the device as a fitness tracker is cool, and I like that it can help keep track of my sleep.
  4.  It’s a $50 watered down smartwatch (in a way).

The Hate: 

  1. The device software/firmware is still a bit flaky, it drops connection more than it should.
  2. Not being able to customize alerts to a greater extent… there are several multicolored LED’s on the thing, I want to be able to differentiate a baby monitor alert from a CBS sports app alert (for example). Also, it’d be nice to extend the amount of time the lights are on after an alert. Fairness in savagery: it does allow you to differentiate between a call, email, or app notification.
  3. The device does not integrate with a lot of apps; I would like to be able to use it (automagically) with Myfitnesspal.
  4. The fitness tracker app seems to lag behind your actual data significantly like several hours behind. The site claims it should update every five minutes, but I’m yet to see that…. this seems better in the last 24-48 hours, but I’m not yet willing to call it a win.

Final Thoughts:

While I like the device, there are quite a few drawbacks within it’s actual functionality. Hopefully, in time, with firmware and software updates it get’s better. For now, it’s a decent device for the money, but it’s quirks are noticeable enough that you may want to look elsewhere if you can pay an extra $50 bucks or so.

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