The Very Best Linux Distro – Kubuntu

I’ve used about every Major OS out there, and a bunch of Linux distributions… and of course, different distros work better for specific tasks. However until recently, I hadn’t used the KDE Linux desktop environment (at least, not in the last 10 years). Finally, after getting annoyed with Linux Mints lack of multi-monitor functionality, I decided to try another distro… I didn’t particularly want to go back to Unity, as I find its lack of customisability a bit annoying. So after reading some comments, KDE was the winner to throw on a VM and test the waters with.

I love KDE. It’s incredibly customizable out of the box with very little effort. The desktop widgets are nice, the tabbing of multiple applications is even nicer, and it’s a very cool, crisp experience from beginning to end. I can’t recommend this distro enough for a primary computing experience. and I’d rate it a 95/100. The one thing I’d really like change out of the box is the taskbar is still a bit windows XP esque, I think switching to plain icons instead of the icon with description would be a space saver, and allow you to see more open windows at once. Any way, you should download this distro here:

Finally, here are a couple screenshots:

Kubuntu Feature ShotKubuntu Desktop

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