Samsung’s Tizen Powered Smartphones are Beginning to Make a Stir

Samsung launched its first Tizen-running smartphone known as Z1 in January 2015. It is an entry-level smartphone powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Sprectrum SC7727S processor, Mali-400 GPU, 768MB of RAM, sports a 4-inch PLS capacitive touchscreen and costs Rs 5,000 ($80 USD) in India.

Samsungs Z1 Phone

According to a latest report by Samsung, it has sold more than one million units of its Z1 smartphone in six months. This is quite an achievement for Samsung keeping in mind that Z1 runs an OS which practically has no market history in smartphones. The Z1 was designed to fit the needs of Indian consumer market and the OS interface has been designed to keep it as simple as possible. Mr Asim Warsi, the Vice President for marketing, mobile and IT at Samsung India said:

“Our insights have shown that consumers hesitate to move beyond the familiar basic and simple interaction with their mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, Samsung Z1 features an easy to use UI that offers a smooth and fast experience to ensure a seamless migration to smartphones.  Samsung Z1 combines a great feature set along with a rapidly growing app ecosystem to offer consumers a differentiated Smartphone experience. We are happy to see the response the device has received and will continue to grow the range for Tizen- powered smartphones.”

Even though Samsung is the leader in the smartphone business, the company still has limited control over the software that runs on its smartphones ultimately, this means Samsung cannot generate much revenue from the software side of smartphones. Tizen can be an alternative for Samsung, and if there comes a time when Google’s Android loses its domination in the smartphone operating system market, Samsung might start using Tizen on high-end smartphones as well as their entry-level devices.

The Economic Times reports that Samsung is already planning to expand its Tizen OS based lineup of smartphones. The company plans to launch a new gold-colored version of the current Z1 smartphone. As said by Mr Asim Warsi, we can expect more Tizen-powered smartphones from Samsung in the near future, when we’ll see them in the US, however, is yet to be seen.

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