Amazon’s 20th Anniversary Sale

The online bookstore turned Ecommerce giant turned well, heck I’m not sure you can pin Amazon as just one thing anymore, is about to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

So, whats business whose core is online sales to do for a 20th anniversary? Create their own holiday of sorts, of course! On their 20th Anniversary (midnight July 15, 2015) Amazon will kick off Prime Day. Amazon says prime day will be available for Prime customers exclusively. Amazon is expected to kick off a new deal every ten minutes. These deals will vary and could come from any part of Amazon’s product catalog. Amazon claims the deals on Prime Day will be even better than those of Black Friday. What do you do if you don’t have a prime membership? Well, you can just sign up for the trial 30-day Prime membership and cancel it if it’s not for you.

While admittedly, this isn’t necessarily tech news, I’m a big fan and avid shopper of Amazon, and am excited to see what kind of deals can be scored on July 15th. My guess is there will be more than a few good deals offered.

**Sale Update Here**

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