Windows 10 RTM


Microsoft plans to release its next operating system at the end of this month. Sources closer to Microsoft tells the company is in last stages of finalizing Windows 10 release to manufacturing build (RTM). Microsoft will be sending the final version of its latest operating system to PC partners ahead of its public release on 29th July.


With Windows 10, Microsoft is moving away from the way it used to release Windows before and opting to release Windows 10 as a service, which means that we will continue to get regular Windows updates for bug fixes and stability as  new features, a first for Microsoft. This means that Windows 10 will evolve with time and get new features as time passes. Windows chief at Microsoft, Terry Myerson claims “We will never be done”.  This may be the last BIG Microsoft OS we see for an extended amount of time, as they are adopting the Apple approach to their OS.

Microsoft has been rapidly working on its new operating system. Last week, three different builds of Windows 10 were released (build 10158, 10159, and 10162), each containing significant improvements. Microsoft has been fixing hundreds of bugs in just a week. Driver issues and other software compatibility issues are still there, but as soon as the RTM version is finalized, Microsoft will be working on fixing these bugs before the release date of 29th July. Windows 10 testers will be getting a copy of the operating system before the release date, while the public will get the new operating system in phases.Microsoft has added some cool new features in Windows 10 including its brand new voice-activated personal assistant named as Cortona.

Many PC manufacturers have already revealed their plans of introducing new computers with Windows onboard. Paul Thurrott of Dell Computers revealed that the company aims to launch 10 computers at the launch of Windows 10.

Let’s see how the PC manufacturers optimize the new operating system for their hardware in such a little time. We won’t have to wait long now, just a few weeks at max!

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