Amazon Fire TV Stick Update

Amazon has released a new update to their FireTV devices. With it. they have added a “fling” feature to their Fire TV Operating system. This update will allow users to “fling” media from their smart-phone, or other devices similar to ¬†Google’s Chromecast.

1027_fire_stick_970-630x420This is a cool feature, however it won’t be available in all apps, and probably won’t be compatible in nearly as many apps as Google’s Chromecast. Developers who want to make their app compatible, will need to use Amazons new Fling SDK.

Here is a highlight of some of the other key new features:

  • You can now mark apps as favorites (hallelujah!)
  • More photo metadata (you can now see when the photo was taken with a click)
  • Easily view the internal and external storage values (to see how full your disk is.)

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