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Windows 10 will be launched on July 29th. With Windows 10, Microsoft is attempting to keep a portion of the touch and tablet highlights it made for Windows 8, while returning the original desktop and Start menu feel of older versions of Windows. This will hopefully please desktop users, while not alienating the few tablet users that have made the jump to 8. Early indications are good.


Here are the latest features:

Start menu advanced:

Start menu has fly out menu for additional alternatives, with the choice to change to a perspective showing every one of your applications, sorted one after another in alphabetical order.  You can drag the Start menu to be a bigger size or even set it to be full screen a la Windows 8.


Cortana, the Windows Phone associate, appears in Windows 10 as a search pane on the taskbar, which you can likewise trigger by saying ‘Hey Cortana’ – and when you begin seeking the Start menu. This is Microsoft’s take on Apple’s Siri.

Task Switcher:

Most users don’t know you can use the hotkey alt+tab to see and switch between every single running application, so it has a task switcher with larger thumbnails. Windows 10 puts a task view icon in the taskbar to help them discover it.

Snap Assist:

Since every one of your applications and projects keep running in windows on the desktop, rather than present day applications from the Store being in their own particular space, you can no longer drag over the left edge of the screen to bring another application on screen and get a split perspective. Rather, you drag windows into the edges of the screen to get the recognizable Snap view.

Command Prompt has evolved:

In Windows 10 you can at last resize the command prompt window and use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste at the command prompt. It’s an exceptionally welcome change for advanced users.

Introducing Edge Browser and project Spartan:

To make up for lost time with quick moving programs like Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft took  steps to come up with the new edge browser. Spartan will be the new browser for Windows 10, altogether separate from Internet Explorer. There’s a spotless,  Chrome-like outline, and a fresh out of the box new rendering engine, yet the attention here is on social sharing. It is expected that the Spartan browser will not be immediately available at launch.

Multiple desktops:

You can finally have virtual desktops. You can utilize Alt-Tab to move between applications as you may be used to, and use Windows-Ctrl and the left and right bolt keys to move between desktops.

Microsoft Office:

Office for Windows applications like Word and Excel are widespread applications, just like the Outlook Mail and Calendar applications and you can download them from the app store. Not sure how these will compare to their big brothers yet.

In all this is an exciting release for Microsoft, let’s hope we’re in for a good one.




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