Using the Xbox one as a DVR …Soon

Back when I owned and used a video game console (Xbox 360) 80+ percent of the time I was using it, I was using it as a media center extender for my PC. When the Xbox One was released, I bought it, only to be disappointed the the “Live TV” experience needed to be supplemented with a set-top box from Comcast or another provider. I wound up finding Kodi, and fulfilling my DVR needs in other ways (see here, and here) and I sold my Xbox one. Now it appears, the Xbox One will be regaining some Live TV functionality.

No, this isn’t the return of Media Center. But, with the help of a Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner You’ll be able to watch, and record OTA and ClearQAM channels with your Xbox One.

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Like Media Center, the Xbox one will receive EPG (tv guide) information automatically, and will not require an additional fee.

The Xbox will be able to tune and record shows while you are doing other things (like playing games or watching Netflix). Moreover, you will be able to stream TV from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 machines in the other room. There will also be support to stream to mobile devices.

Right now, it seems this will only support OTA and ClearQAM channels, but let’s hope support for Ceton and HDHomeRUn Cable Cards is still coming.

It appears Microsoft is still making a push to make the Xbox One dominate the living room experience, but they need to continue to improve support or face losing media center customers to competitors such as Kodi.

The release date for these features is still unclear, but they should be available sometime in 2016.

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