Windows 10 on the Asus t100 – Review and Giveaway

The release of the Asus t100 coincided with Windows 8.1. The tablet was arguably the most successful Windows 8/8.1 tablet thanks to it’s small size, detatchable keyboard, and wallet friendly pricepoint. Being that the system requirements for Windows 10 are almost the same as that of 8.1, I figured I’d test out and review Microsoft’s latest OS, and giveaway the tablet preloaded with Windows 10 to a lucky reader. Comment below and you will be entered in a drawing to win! See the official details here. Contest ends 9/30.

Click the image to buy the Asus t100 for $185 from Amazon.

Upgrade Process:

I  pretty much never go through an OS upgrade process (at least, when it comes to windows). That being said, since Microsoft is rolling this out as a free upgrade for users of Windows 7+, I figured I’d give it a shot since many people will take that journey to get to Win10. After installing quite a few updates, the upgrade was pretty seamless. It just happens as a regular old Windows update. A couple items of note: on devices with limited storage, you will likely need to make space for the upgrade to happen, and if you are a big Windows Media Center person, WMC is dead in windows 10. You cannot pay for the upgrade, it just does not exist.

Desktop Experience:

The desktop experience is vastly improved over Windows 8, and will not take a huge adjustment for Windows 7 users. Most notably, the start menu is back, which eliminates the feel of having two entirely different Operating systems running at the same time. All “metro” styled apps now can run in a window by default, the the windows “snap” feature has been upgraded so that you can quickly snap you apps to each corner of the screen (or still just split the screen down the middle).

Tablet Experience:

The tablet experience is mostly unmolested from Windows 8, with a few items to note: You can manually change into tablet mode, or if you are using a 2 in one device such as the t100, Windows will switch automatically depending on if the keyboard is attached or detached. In tablet mode windows automatically take up the entire screen, but you are still free to move between new styled apps, and oldschool desktop style apps. Also, the “Charms” that most of us despised but had gotten used to, are gone entirely in favor of a “notification center” similar to that of Android or IOS. This is a big improvement and make a lot of setting available without having to dig into the control panel.

Other New Stuff:

I’ve got a larger post on “What’s New” in Windows 10 available here. Here are 3 of my favorite new features:

  1. Internet Explorer is freakin’ dead! As a web developer I couldn’t be happier to see this browser go, as a user, the new Edge browser is cleaner, and faster than it’s old counterpart.
  2. Multiple Desktops: Linux has been doing this forever, but windows will finally allow for multiple “virtual desktops” allowing you to switch quickly between an entire desktop.
  3. Cortana: Microsoft’s new digital assistant gives you ways to quickly access information with keystrokes, or your voice.

Overview, and Future of Windows 10: 

I like Windows 10. It feels like legit upgrade over windows 7, it destroys the feel of Windows 8/8.1. And it does it while being a free upgrade. As a Desktop OS, it’s entirely ready for the masses, and desktop users will have an immediately satisfying experience on Windows 10. For Tablet users, it’s biggest pitfall will still be it’s lack of apps when compared to IOS or Android. Microsoft, to their credit, is making it much easier for developers to move their apps from IOS and Android to Windows 10, and I would expect that by this time next year Windows 10 apps will be flooding in. That being said, if you want to make the switch but you’re okay with hanging onto your old tablet for a year, I may hold out until there is more App support on Wind 10. Overall, Windows 10 does not disappoint, and I give the Operating System an 88% awesome rating.

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