ElementaryOS – SportsDevil Streams Not Working – Kodi

I’ve been trying out a Linux distro called ElementaryOS lately, and I’m really liking it (review will be coming in a week or two). However, I ran into a problem with it because it seems to be missing a few packages that are installed in some of the more major distro’s by default.


My toughest one to overcome so far was a problem in Kodi, where my SportsDevil streams were not playing. When I checked the Kodi Logs (/home/user/.kodi/temp/kodi.log) I found that librtemp was failing to load. After a quick google search, I found that librtemp is part of a package called RTMPdump, which is made to assist in video streaming problems. I installed RTMPdump (sudo apt-get install RTMPdump) And viola, I now have working SportsDevil streams via Kodi in ElementaryOS.

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