Whats New in Mozilla Firefox v40?

Firefox released it’s latest version today which now touts support for Windows 10. Here’s what else is new for the 4th most popular browser in the world.


  • Malware detection features (both a file “scanner” and a warning if a page is known to contain malware.
  • “Hello” (Mozilla’s chat feature) now allows adding more context to conversations by adding a link.
  • New Style for Addon Manager
  • Improved scrolling, graphics, and video playback (Linux Only) – A huge win for Linux users.
  • Addon Extensions not signed by Mozilla issue a warning Unsigned Addons will stop working altogether in v42.
  • NPAPI plug-in Performance improved
  • Smoother Animations and Scrolling (Windows only)
  • JPEG images use less memory

These are the most important changes, and while these are mostly insignificant, it’s obvious the Windows 10 support piece is big, as is the performance improvements for Linux Users. I have left off a few of the more technical, or less important changes, if you’re interested in seeing the full list check it out here.

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