Microsoft October 2015 Hardware Launch Event

There is some buzz about a substantial hardware launch by Microsoft this October. It has been conveyed through different sources who have their ties with Microsoft, that a new version of the Surface Pro Tablet, new Smartphones, likely some other products are going to be announced in October.
According to the reports from THE VERGE and a Chinese site WPDang, Microsoft is planning to hold a massive hardware launch event in which a manifold of devices will be unveiled.


The main focus is the launch of two Lumia Handsets; the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, and the Surface Pro 4. also, there are reports about the release of Microsoft Band 2, which is an updated version of Microsoft’s fitness tracking/notification device.
It is also expected that Microsoft may release something completely new in the surface line as well. But it’s not confirmed whether it is going to be a launch of Surface Mini, a Surface Phone, or something else.

The specifications of the Lumia phones are already leaked, the only thing which still is under the veil, is the look of these phones. According to the rumors and reports, these phones are expected to come in the size of 5.2inches and 5.7inches. Other specifications are as follows: 2560 x 1440 pixel displays, 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm processors, 32GB of storage, micro SD card slots, USB Type-C connectors, , and Qi wireless charging. Finally, according to some sources, The Lumia 950 XL will support an optional surface pen.

There are some other attention-grabbing rumors about these phones as well; both phones are likely to support Windows 10 ‘Continuum for Phone’ feature. Which means you can connect a $99 desktop docking station which allows you to connect a monitor, keyboard and a mouse to run Universal Apps. Providing a desktop like experience from your phone.

Reports from The Verge suggest that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 won’t be a far-reaching change from the Surface Pro 3. But it is going to have new security features, a higher resolution and an updated processor.

There is no official announcement of this event by Microsoft yet. So, it can’t be said that when in October this hardware launch event is going to be held.

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