Fedora (v22) Linux and Juniper Network Connect

Here are the steps to get Juniper Network Connect working in Fedora linux, This should work for just about any linux distro:

  1. Open Firefox, and go to your vpn login page, view the pages source, and search for “realm” in the source code. Note the “value=xxxxxx” part of the realm input html tag…. You’ll need it while connecting.
  2. Return to the VPN login page and login.
  3. Download the following jar file and extract it to ~./juniper_networks/network_connect
    1. https://your.domain.com/dana-cached/nc/ncLinuxApp.jar
  4. change directory to ~./juniper_networks/network_connect
    1. cd ~./juniper_networks/network_connect
  5. If you’re running a 64 bit os, download the following libraries glibc.i686 zlib.i686 nss-mdns.i686.

    1. sudo dnf install glibc.i686 zlib.i686 nss-mdns.i686
  6. Update permissions using the following commands

    1. sudo chown root:root ncsvc
      sudo chmod 6711 ncsvc
      chmod 744 ncdiag
      chmod +x getx509certificate.sh
  7.  Grab the cert from your company

    1. ./getx509certificate.sh your.domain.com filename.cert
  8.  And now, you’re ready to connect:

    1. ./ncsvc -h your.domain.com -u yourusername -p yourpassword -r realmnamefromstep1 -f ./filename.cert

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3 thoughts on “Fedora (v22) Linux and Juniper Network Connect

  1. Qucik note here, when using Manjaro linux I have to login ti my VPN page via a browser in order for this method to work.

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