Microsoft Office 2016 in the Wild

Microsoft’s Office 2016 is now available for Windows and Mac users. You can still buy Office 2016 as a perpetual license, or you can pay for a subscription to the office suite through Office 365. Though Microsoft seems to be pushing for the latter.


The new Office features a refined UI that should be a bit more touch friendly, and tighter integration with OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage option.

This should be a welcome upgrade for Mac users who have been waiting for a new office for a long time. For Windows users, it will be a much smaller transition from Office 2013.

Here’s a quick glimpse at whats new:

Co-authoring: Now you can edit a document simultaneously in real time with a coworker.

Simplified Sharing: clicking the “share” button gives quick access to easily share with others.

One-Click Forecasting: With one click Excel will create forecast charts based on historical data.

Smart-lookup: Highlighting a term in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook, will allow a user to instantly see related data from the internet on that term.

Office 2016 will be a welcome upgrade for many, but for most home users, using a licensed version of Microsoft Office is becoming more and more unnecessary as there are plenty of free alternatives that work quite well like LibreOfficeGoogle Docs, or even Microsofts own Office web apps.



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