Turn Any Computer into a Chromebook with Cloudready by Neverware

A company called Neverware has  teamed up with tech giant Google to put out a product called “Cloudready”.


Cloudready is essentially a working version of the ChromeOS used on Chromeboxes and Chromebooks.  Technically it uses the open-source “ChromiumOS” which is what ChromeOS is base on, but it also has the option for you to install flash on it making it a bit more versatile. Sure, this isn’t entirely unlike some Chromium distro’s that are already out there such as those offered here, but it does offer some official support, and will also automagically update, which is a nice function of ChromeOS.

Cloudready claims there OS will run on about any computer less than 7 years old, and chances are most will run pretty darn fast too… don’t believe me? Look at the hardware specs of a brand new Chromebook and you’ll see that ChromeOS does not need fancy hardware to be very fast. I’ve tested out the build on a couple older  (5 year old) laptops, and they performed about as well as my brand new Chromebook.

While some think the ChromeOS is a bit of a crippled OS, I quite like it as a primary computer. It does almost anything a normal user would need. As a power user, sure, I find myself remoting into my Windows or Linux boxes a bit, but I did that before… now I just my Linux and Windows Desktops as servers, and use ChromeOS for everything else.

Neverware appears to be primarily targeting  education with this build, but there is a build available for individuals too, with a beta program coming for businesses in the future.

Thinking about giving it a try? Here’s who I think would like ChromeOS/Cloudready:

  1. Grandma – This is a dead simple OS that is going to stay relatively free of malware. It may cut down on her support calls to you.
  2. A user/household with many PC’s – utilizing the thin client/server scenario, this may save some time for the power user in setup of personal computing devices.
  3. Anybody sick of Windows. ChromeOS is probably the simplest Linux distribution around… it’s a good entry to Linux, and is already the most popular desktop entry to the Linux ecosystem.

Head over to http://www.neverware.com/ to give it a spin.

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