The 5 Best Things About Linux


  1. So many choices. If you don’t like one flavor, or it doesn’t suit your needs, another surely will.
  2. Linux, the antivirus. Like any software, linux does have security holes, but you’re 100 times more likely to find malware on a Windows PC than on Linux.
  3. Open source. If you’re the type to question how things work, or if you even want to improve your OS, it’s easy to jump into Linux Code.
  4. It’s great for both beginners and experts. Beginners will like all of the software available and the ease of adapting to the right Linux distro (I swear my mom has fewer PC questions now that I switched her to Linux (from Windows). ¬†Experts will like the ease of which they can modify system behavior.
  5. Ball on a Budget. Many Linux distributions are free, most are very inexpensive. You cant try a distro and if you find one your really like, you can donate a couple bucks.

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