Need a Product Key for Windows 10? Join the Windows Insider Program.

Have you ever been in an a position, where you had Windows installed, but didn’t have a product key? There are usually a two options in this scenario, but now there is a third for the more adventurous.

    • You can purchase a copy of Windows:
    • You can roll with an unactivated version of Windows:
      • This is typically a non issue for me as I tend to reformat my machine fairly regularily anyway, though I would expect this not to be a great option for most as you’ll likely need to reformat every 120 days to retain all features of Windows..
  • Now there is a third option, you can sign up for Windows Insider:
    • Windows Insider is a Beta Program of sorts for Windows. This will give you access to pre-release version of Windows, and promises to keep you on the bleeding edge of technology. While it may not supply the most stable branch of Windows, it will definitely keep you ahead of the pack in terms of features. You can sign up at:

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