6 Coolest Computers for under $250 – Holidays 2015

With the Holidays Getting Closer, I figured I start making a couple gift guides. To start, I’m putting together a short list of Kick butt computers for under $250. These all have there own reasons for being awesome, so make sure to read the the article to find out which is best for you.

1. The Asus Chromebook Flip

Click the Image to Buy the Flip from Amazon (219.99)

The Chromebook flip is probably my favorite item on this list. At only 10″ the screen may be a bit small for some, but the flip is what a 2 in 1 device should be. It’s almost as light as an Ipad, and feels every bit as snappy as one as well thanks to ChromeOS. The Flip feels as expensive as nice a new macbook air, and sports an all day battery life of about 10 hours, and is the perfect device to lounge on the couch with. A keyboard when you need it, and a tablet when you don’t. My only complaints about this device is I really wish they sold an x86 version of the product… but I suppose if they did it would not sell for 219.99.

The Flip features a rockchip quad-core processor, 2 GB of ram, and a 16 GB SSD.


Click to buy the M004U for 139.99 at Amazon

Sticking with the ChromeOS theme (this is the last one on the list) The M004U follows the ChromeOS standard by being lightning fast even though it specs show it as being under powered. This may be the least expensive fully functional Desktop computer money can buy, and it will feel significantly faster than it’s Windows powered cousins, for those concerned about a learning curve with ChromeOS, don’t be… it’s probably the easiest OS to learn on earth.

The M004U features a dual core Celeron processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a 16GB SSD.

3. ECS Liva X

Click to buy the ECS Liva X for 169.99 at Amazon

The First x86 computer on the list, the Liva X is the second generation of the Liva line from ECS. Sporting a better processor, and no assembly, the Liva is a perfect Media Center, Steam OS extender, or cheap PC to have hooked up in the home. You will need to add an Operating System to make this puppy go, but hey, Linux is free, right?

The Liva sports a Celeron Processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a 32GB SSD. …Full disclosure, you can get this for 119.99 right now over at Newegg!

4. HP Stream 11.6-Inch Laptop

Click to buy the Stream for 199.99 from Amazon

The only Windows Laptop on this list, the HP stream is bold in color and price. While this certainly wont feel like the fastest PC on this list, it is the most full featured. Sporting Windows 10, and a free year subscription to Office365 the HP Stream is a machine you can get legitimate work done on, and lounge with later.

The HP Stream runs a Celeron Processor, 2 GB of memory, and a 32 gig SSD.

5. Amazon Fire 7″

Click to buy the Fire 7 for 49.99 from Amazon

The cheapest product on the list, and the only pure tablet on the List the Fire 7″ is within almost everyones budget. If you’re struggling what to get the geek on your list, an extra gadget is always a good idea. Yeah, it’s not the fastest, nicest crispest or best feeling on the tablet… but its every bit as good as a 200-300 dollar tablet just a few years ago. For Amazon Prime members, the Kindle Book Borrowing Library, Amazon Music, and Videos make this a darn good little piece of tech.

The Fire 7 sports a quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of disk.

7. Raspberry Pi 2

Click to buy a Raspberry Pi (Kit) for 69.99

The Pi is the best gift for a geek. It’s dirt cheap ($35 for just the Pi), and has an endless amount of projects one can try with it. With 7x the processing speed of the original Pi, the RPi2 is a great little device for learning computing, a media center, or any other number of projects.

The RPi2 sports a quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM, and you’ll need to supply storage for it (in the way of an SD card or other mechanism).

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