An Argument Against the SmartTV

As the first 4k enabled RokuTVs arrive, I find myself asking one question. Why? 


Now the obvious answer lies in the math, the RokuTV Insignia went on sale at Best Buy today for 399, you’re not going to be able to beat that price when buying a 4kTV and a 4k enabled Roku separately.

However, though I like my Rokus, I do prefer an Amazon FireTV (I need my Kodi). Every integrated TV/Media player I have has struggled with WiFi issues, and, the media player portion of these integrated televisions will almost  for sure be outdated prior to the monitor itself reaching the end of it’s life-cycle. It would be nice if TV manufacturers sold a TV without the integrated media player at a discounted price. as I’d still prefer to slide my own into the HDMI port. That being said, Roku probably supplies these bits to the TV maker at a cost of almost nothing in the interest of getting people to use their service… I guess we’ll all just have to make due with one more useless function on our TV’s.

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