Playstation Vue TV – Reviewed

Still wish you could say goodbye to your cable company? The future of TV has arrived in the form of Playstation Vue. Playstation Vue is Cable TV delivered over an internet connection, with packages starting at $29.99 Monthly. I signed up for a trial, and have been extremely pleased. The service consistently delivers a high quality feed, switches between channels quickly, has an excellent DVR service, and delivers an all around solid user experience.



  • The quality seems to be consistently delivered at full HD resolutions (1080p) using a 20mbps connection.
  • Local Sports Channel is available (I get Fox Sports North for example).
  • DVR service is free, and “records” unlimited shows as it functions in the cloud.
  • DVR service allows Pausing, Fast forwarding, and rewinding Live TV.
  • “Record” Multiple shows simultaneously.
  • Significantly better than rival SlingTV in almost every way (save two issues listed in cons).


  • Not a true A la Carte service that many of us have been waiting for.
  • More Expensive than SlingTV.
  • Not currently on a ton of different devices (IOS, FireTV, and Playstation devices only so far).
  • OTA broadcast channels not available in all areas. (yet)


Everything that SlingTV promised, Playstation Vue has delivered. If you are still considering Playstation Vue TV, and have read the “cons” section, your going to like this service. Sign up for the free trial and give it a shot. 90% awesome.




3 thoughts on “Playstation Vue TV – Reviewed

  1. I signed up and tried for 7 free trials. On my ps4 the PlayStation vue play with no problem. But I have issues with PlayStation vue apps on my iPhone 6s Plus. Sometimes I get mobile restricted on some channel then the next time it’s don’t work and all the channel is on mobile restricted!! Can you tell me why it’s happen???

  2. Well that’s frustrating. I don’t use IOS devices, so I can’t be much of a help, but maybe it’s related to where your phone thinks you are in the world… WiFi/Mobile Network maybe? Otherwise your best bet may be to contact customer support. Sorry you’re having problems, I’d love to hear how your customer support experience goes if you reach out to them!


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