Plex Adds DVR Support

In what’s the best news in a decade for DYI DVRers, Plex announced it has added a native DVR feature that will support HDHomeruns. What this means is you’ll be able to setup and HDHomerun,  and have Plex record your TV for you, automatically putting recorded shows into your Plex Library. Plex is using Gracenotes database to power the programming guide, which will alleviate a lot of problems with prior DVR solutions not name Windows Media Center.


As of now, this is a premium pass feature, meaning you’ll have to pay for a Plex pass ($5 a month, or $150 lifetime) to use the DVR service. Currently to manage the DVR, you’ll need access to the Plex web interface as apps won’t have support (at least immediately). Finally, it looks like you need a special download of the server for this to work. You can download here.

Plex’s DVR offering is launching in beta today, and it’ll get an official release in a few months.

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