Using Firefox with an SSH VPN

As I am becoming a bit more of an open-source purist in my software choices, I’ve switched from Chrome to Firefox (and yes, I know Chromium is Open Source). If Chrome world, I used an SSH VPN an awful lot, and wasn’t quite ready to go back to OpenVPN (as it causes some hiccups for me at work). Here’s how to get an SSH VPN going in Firefox.

The ssh piece itself is identical, if you’re using a Mac or Linux, enter the following command to setup your SOCKS Proxy:

ssh -D 8080

If you’re using Windows, check out Linux! or, you can use putty to setup your connection.

Once you have your connection, open up firefox, and go to “preferences” -> “Advanced” -> “Network” and click the “Settings” Button.

Click “Manual proxy configuration” and set your SOCKS host to and whatever port you set after the “D” option in your ssh command. Click “SOCKS v5 as your connection type, and you should be able to leave the others as defaults (if you want to proxy DNS, make sure to select that button).

Now, Click Okay, and you should now be tunneling all Firefox traffic through your ssh tunnel.

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