Wifi Gui – Arch Linux – I3wm

I got sick of using the wifi-menu command everytime I started up my Arch Linux i3 box pretty quick, so I had to figure out how to get networkmanager going after the fact. Here’s how:

Install the networkmanager package, you’ll probably want the network-manager-applet package too (to put an icon in your taskbar). Now you’re probably thinking… this should frickety work now, right? Not so fast, you’ve got to enable and start the networkmanager service to make your headache stop:

 systemctl enable NetworkManager.service

and then:

 systemctl start NetworkManager.service

Finally, if you’re using i3wm, you’re gonna wanna put the applet in your ~/.config/i3/config file so it runs at startup:

exec nm-applet

Now, you can rest your weary hands, at startup, and connect automagically.

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