Android Apps on your Chromebook

It looks like Google has made build 53 available for the Chromebook Flip (and probably a couple other devices). This means you can now run Android Apps and the Google Play Store natively on your Chromebook Flip.  Early tests are a bit buggy on the Flip, which is to be expected as this is still

Playstation Vue TV – Reviewed

Still wish you could say goodbye to your cable company? The future of TV has arrived in the form of Playstation Vue. Playstation Vue is Cable TV delivered over an internet connection, with packages starting at $29.99 Monthly. I signed up for a trial, and have been extremely pleased. The service consistently delivers a high

Top 5 Tech Reads of the Week

Have some free time? Here are a few of my favorite articles of this week: Want a secure browsing experience by default, but still want to use a mainstream browser? – Opening Firefox in private mode by default An excellent read for a developer, or  someone learning development: – I am an imposter Dell