Unity Launcher Folders – Review – Tip

If you like Ubuntu, yet, are bothered by the lack of flexibility by the Unity Launcher, check out “Unity Launcher Folders”, it’s a free software that allows you create “folders” in the Ubuntu Launcher, and aslo allows some flexibility by allowing you to easily link script files into the launcher bar. This is an excellent

The Very Best Linux Distro – Kubuntu

I’ve used about every Major OS out there, and a bunch of Linux distributions… and of course, different distros work better for specific tasks. However until recently, I hadn’t used the KDE Linux desktop environment (at least, not in the last 10 years). Finally, after getting annoyed with Linux Mints lack of multi-monitor functionality, I

Razer Nabu X – Review

I recently dropped 49.99 on a Razer Nabu X, as its the cheapest device I’ve seen that would notify my of missed calls/ texts or other android notifications, also I thought it might be nice to use as a fitness tracker, rather than make sure I’ve got my gigantic phone on my person when walking,

Best Powershell IDE

I’ve done a bit of an exhaustive search trying to find a Powershell IDE/Editor that I really like, and while I haven’t found anything that is 100% perfect, here is my List, along with a quick pro/con breakdown for each. Windows PowerShell ISE Pros: Built right into windows (Freeish) Does a good job of text