Running a Virtualbox Web Client

Ever wish VirtualBox had a web client similar to VMWares ESXi hypervisor? It can do that thanks to the software “PHPVirtualBox”. Overall I really like this software, however I did encounter one problem in the setup that doesnt appear to be mentioned in the documentation for the project. if you get an error like:

Malala’s Petition

I don’t typically make these kind of appeals to my readers, but I’ve seen a lot of Malala lately, and think she is an amazing young woman, and is the voice behind an important cause. An educated world is a better world. Please consider signing Malala’s petition. Here’s a video about Malala if you

Apple Music is aLive

Apple Music is now streaming. The service has been released as part of iOS 8.4 for iPhones and iPads. The service lives inside of the redesigned Music app. Apple, once the champion of the online music scene, is trying to reclaim the title. With the release, Apple is kicking off the digital radio station “Beats

Create Custom Launcher Ubuntu

You can still create a Launcher on the Desktop by using the old GUI dialog. Get to your terminal and type: sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop-item-edit gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new ~/Desktop This will start the create launcher dialog. You can put the .desktop file this creates in any folder, and then drag and drop to the launcher. Note:

Moving a Mailbox from Office 365 to Exchange 2010 On-Prem Server

Here’s a dumb one. So I was running into an issue when trying to move an email from Office 365 back to my on Prem server getting this error: The call to ‘ ( caps:05FFFF)’ failed. Error details: The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error. For more information about