HBO Now Rolls Out to Android

HBO’s service that makes it’s programming available over the internet is no longer an Apple exclusive. The Streaming service has been doing very well  and is north of 2 million subscribers after being available only for three months, and on a very limited number of devices. Expect that number to expand soon as it is very […]

BlackBerry to Put out Android Phone Soon

Blackberry’s latest stab at relevance may actually work. The company appears to be planning to release their first Android phone later this year. While the BlackBerry OS has been able to run many Android apps for some time, it has been it’s own OS and has been using the Amazon App Store as opposed to the […]

Android Apps Supported on Windows?

So today I read some interesting (founded) speculation, that Microsoft may be considering ways to bring Android Apps to Windows.  It’s not entirely clear in what capacity that would mean, but it’d hopefully mean something better than what Bluestacks has to offer. My money would be on Intel helping nudge Microsoft this way. Now before […]