SSH in Arch Linux (or Manjaro)

Here’s a quicky on how to get a SSH (server setup in Arch Linux). Install ssh server package: [bash]pacman -S openssh[/bash] Create an SSH Key(I created my key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa): [bash]ssh-keygen[/bash] Enable the ssh service to start automatically when the system is booting: [bash]systemctl enable sshd.service [/bash] Start the ssh service: [bash]systemctl start sshd.service[/bash]

The 5 Best Things About Linux

So many choices. If you don’t like one flavor, or it doesn’t suit your needs, another surely will. Linux, the antivirus. Like any software, linux does have security holes, but you’re 100 times more likely to find malware on a Windows PC than on Linux. Open source. If you’re the type to question how things