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SSH in Arch Linux (or Manjaro)

Here’s a quicky on how to get a SSH (server setup in Arch Linux). Install ssh server package: [bash]pacman -S openssh[/bash] Create an SSH Key(I created my key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa): [bash]ssh-keygen[/bash] Enable the ssh service to start automatically when the system is booting: [bash]systemctl enable sshd.service [/bash] Start the ssh service: [bash]systemctl start sshd.service[/bash]

Ubuntu Linux – Detatching Program from Terminal – Bash Script

Here’s a quick and dirty Linux tip that I always wanted to do, but never figured out until today: If you want to close a terminal after opening a program via a script, you can do so with the “disown” command. [bash] sudo bash ~/Software/smartgit/bin/smartgit.sh & disown [/bash] This way, after your terminal completes opening […]

Lenovo Yoga 2 & Ubuntu 14.04 WiFi issue – make nothing to be done for all

*Update* The driver issue that caused this problem has been fixed in the latest linux kernel. You should consider using Ubuntu 14.10 or higher with this notebook.   Alright, So I just spent a reasonable amount of time banging my head against the wall on this one, despite some pretty decent documentation existing on the […]