Moving a Mailbox from Office 365 to Exchange 2010 On-Prem Server

Here’s a dumb one. So I was running into an issue when trying to move an email from Office 365 back to my on Prem server getting this error: The call to ‘ ( caps:05FFFF)’ failed. Error details: The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error. For more information about

Best Powershell IDE

I’ve done a bit of an exhaustive search trying to find a Powershell IDE/Editor that I really like, and while I haven’t found anything that is 100% perfect, here is my List, along with a quick pro/con breakdown for each. Windows PowerShell ISE Pros: Built right into windows (Freeish) Does a good job of text

Uninstalling a Program – Powershell – SCCM

Here’s a quick script to uninstall a program using Powershell. I’ve found this useful when attempting an uninstall with SCCM. $lync=get-wmiobject -class win32_product | Where-Object {$ -like ‘microsoft lync*’} $lync.uninstall() If you’d like to change the program, just change the search string name {$ -like ‘*whatever*’} …Also, it’s worth noting that this installs everything with